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Youth Development & Education

As Nepal advances towards development, there has been a growing recognition of youth as a powerful force and a major contributor to its overall development progress. In Nepal, youth make up well over one-half of the total rural population. Because of their numbers and potential impact, rural youth must be a major part when dealing with any immediate and long-term solutions to solving problems of rural and sustainable development.

Youth participation, inclusion and engagement is especially crucial in post-conflict countries like Nepal. Effective youth participation in decision-making lead to better policy formulation, implementation and evaluation. Through widespread inclusion of youth, their commitment to and understanding of human rights and democracy are strengthened. Engagement is also crucial to protecting the rights of girls and young women.

Birat SDI is therefore undertaking efforts to empower young people to enable them to take an active role in sustainable and rural development. Our aim is to strengthen and expand youth capacities, knowledge and skills through education, training, support and access to resources to enable them to become productive and contributing citizens of their local communities.