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Environment Sustainability

Increasing population and insatiable human needs have added pressure on the environment; these have led to adverse impacts on our natural resources. Disproportionate usage of finite resources and over-exploitation of the perennial resources by select few have left majority of the poor in Nepal heavily dependent on the fragile ecosystem to scrap for their living. The unjust allocation of resources have entailed adverse effects on the environment with loss of forest cover, loss of bio-diversity and frequent occurrence of natural disasters to name a few. Staying true to the ethos of sustainability, Birat Sustainable Development Initiative (BSDI) believes that just and equitable usage of resources within the carrying capacity of environment is the path ahead for sustainable development. BSDI seeks to address the ever increasing unsustainable exploitation of natural resources through its development projects and activities by adapting and promoting Low Carbon Development, Clean technology intervention and environment friendly measures. The community should be a forerunner in developing sustainable practices and BSDI will work and partner with INGOs, NGOs, Government Organizations, CBOs, and line agencies to empower and enable people in BSDI’s working areas to achieve their development aspirations with environment sustainability as its core motif. The crosscutting issue of sustainability and development is interlinked with all aspect of the initiatives’ work and the BSDI will uphold environmental sustainability in its current and future plans.