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Appropriate Technology

A simple technology can positively change living of the poor, rural households, and communities that are cutoff from the mainstream national development as manifested by installation of solar home system, improved stove, pico-hydro plant and other similar projects in rural communities of Nepal. While the world has seen dramatic transformation in technological fronts with high-end technologies and innovation becoming part of the city denizens, yet some of the poorest and remotest communities in Nepal do not have access to otherwise ubiquitous computer and Internet technology. Birat Sustainable Development Initiative (BSDI) will actively engage to bridge the technological gap of rural and poor students and people devoid of such facilities. With present scenario of Climate Change and its adverse impacts being increasingly felt in Nepal, particularly the mountainous regions and poor communities, building climate resilient and climate smart communities will be prioritized. Furthermore, breakthrough works in green and clean technology fronts have potential to positively impact the lives like never imagined before. Though, technology transfer remains stumbling block, BSDI will work with its associates and partners for the betterment of the lives of the poorest people through the application of appropriate technology wherever applicable. Further, BSDI will work for the deployment and adoption of clean technology for utilization of natural resources in a highly sustained manner.